The Nationwide Group (TNG) is a pioneer in designing and developing outsourced financial services software, exclusively focused on creating comprehensive and customizable solutions to the real estate and mortgage industries.

TNG affiliated organizations:

Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS) was established in 1996 and provides lenders with innovative valuation solutions supported by risk analysis, data analytics and product knowledge. Through a successful global expansion, NAS does business in more countries than any other AMC in the world, operating in three languages in Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America.

RELNKS is an all-encompassing homeownership platform linking together homebuyers, real estate agents, lenders, mortgage professionals and home service providers. The free-to-use platform provides all the services, tools and guides that help simplify the homeownership process every step of the way. Manage documents in one place, receive quick and simple reminders of the process and stay connected to everyone involved. RELNKS is your personal guide to homeownership.

Nationwide Home Closing Services (HCS) simplifies real estate closing by connecting lawyers to lenders, brokers, consumers and mobile signers on a single digital platform. The result is a convenient and transparent closing experience aligning with the needs of today’s consumers.

Connexions is a US-based Appraisal Management Service (AMS) that packages compliance, automation and reporting at the loan, branch and global levels for residential and commercial lenders and AMCs. It allows lenders to self-manage their appraiser panel as well as their chosen AMCs.

Nationwide Recovery Services (NRS) provides financial institutions with new capabilities and insights to manage all suppliers involved in the recovery of real property. It combines effective communication with industry-leading workflow management, ensuring the most effective use of resources to complete the recovery cycle.

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