RELNKS Adds Convenient Estate Planning with Willful Partnership

RELNKS partners with estate planning firm, Willful, bringing will creation and management to the platform.

Jul 19, 2021

July 19, 2021 — RELNKS, the online homebuying platform connecting homebuyers and real estate professionals, today announced their partnership with the innovative estate planning company, Willful. Based in Canada, Willful is bringing their centralized and convenient approach to creating and managing wills to the RELNKS platform.

Willful offers an affordable and accessible way for Canadians to make end-of-life arrangements quickly and easily. RELNKS users will now have access to the guided Willful process as a convenient alternative to traditional estate planning. Once customers have entered their information, Willful generates a document (or documents depending on the package selected) and provides instructions on how to make it legally binding.

As a highly encouraged, yet often overlooked aspect of homeownership, wills provide homeowners with legal protection for their assets and their estate. RELNKS, as a central HUB for homebuyers and homeowners, now expands their offerings to provide users with an easy alternative to the traditional will planning process.

“RELNKS continues to seek out innovative partnerships that can enhance and help evolve the homeownership process,” says Tom McCormick, President and CEO of RELNKS and The Nationwide Group. “Our partnership with innovators like Willful help us to deliver flexibility to homeowners. With the significant importance of protecting your assets, we are thrilled that in addition to offering a convenient alternative, the partnership with Willful helps us encourage responsibility as well.”

About Willful

Willful is on a mission to change the way Canadians prepare for and deal with death. Their first product is an online platform that makes it affordable, convenient, and easy for Canadians to create a legal will online. The platform provides simplified estate planning services, enabling consumers to create a will and/or power of attorney by following a clear step-by-step process. Willful’s platform was developed in collaboration with leading estate lawyers, and has pricing plans starting at $99. Willful is based in Toronto, and it is currently available to residents of Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Manitoba.


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