Centralized Invoicing and Accounting with Connexions

Focus on revenue-generating tasks while saving time with Connnexions.

Jun 24, 2024


Connexions offers innovative financial services through optimized accounting, invoicing, reporting and streamlined compliance processes, all in one centralized place. Our trustworthy and intuitive accounting tools have been tailored to increase your efficiency by providing time and cost-saving.

Accounts Payable 

For AP and batch reporting, both functionalities empower users to query and retrieve vendor information. These capabilities enable management of balances or payments due, facilitating smoother financial transactions and ensuring timely payments. This intuitive process streamlines end-of-day operations, enhancing overall operational efficiency ensuring payment to appraisers, comply with Payment Card Industry standards, and provide comprehensive tax remittance. 

Accounts Receivable 

In-house management of accounts provides centralized oversight and control, allowing users to initiate follow-up actions such as awaiting payment and reconciling transactions upon receipt of funds. This streamlined process ensures effective tracking of receivables throughout the invoicing and payment cycle. Additionally, users can export batch data in CSV format to facilitate seamless communication with lenders, further supporting efficient financial management tasks within a unified platform. 

Connexions' innovative financial services optimize accounting processes in a centralized platform tailored to all your appraisal needs, making us your strategic technology partner committed to enhancing your success.