Connexions integrates with CAPTURE Data Services

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Nov 1, 2022

Press Release

Connexions, the all-in-one appraisal management software that provides high-quality automation, reporting, data analytics and integration for real estate valuations, is excited to announce its latest integration with CAPTURE Data Services, a mobile app that simplifies the work of property data collectors (PDCs) compiling the property details required for the appraiser to develop a credible appraisal report.

Connexions' integration with CAPTURE streamlines the process of capturing data, images, and interior floor plan sketches (with underlying data) in support of the new government sponsored enterprise (GSE) initiatives around the 1004 Desktop and other hybrid valuation products.

Appraisal orders for the new 1004 Desktop can be assigned to an appraiser and, once accepted, the same order can then be assigned to a PDC. The PDC goes onsite and walks through the property using the CAPTURE app to gather data and images as required. Using their smartphone’s video camera, the PDC automatically creates a detailed interior floor sketch. Once complete, the data and images are sent back to the appraiser, who then completes their report for the client. It's simple, secure, and reliable.

“This latest integration not only helps Connexions clients meet appraisal requirements, it can create a significant reduction in turn times, adding efficiency to the entire appraisal workflow,” says Tom McCormick, President and CEO of Connexions. “Being able to further automate the appraisal process provides our clients with yet another tool to help streamline and accelerate appraisals.”

To learn more about the benefits of Connexions’ new integration with CAPTURE, request a demo today!

About Connexions

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About CAPTURE Data Services

CAPTURE Data Services, LLC is a data and technology company focused on AI-assisted property data collection. CAPTURE’s platform simplifies property level data collection by homeowners, agents, and appraisers, automating manual tasks that often hinder and introduce error into the data collection process. CAPTURE is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.