Connexions' Predicted Delivery: Appraisal Completion Expectations

Enhancing efficiency and client experience in real estate valuations.

Mar 13, 2024


What is Predicted Delivery (PD)? 

Predicted Delivery is a cutting-edge function within the Connexions platform, meticulously engineered to project the delivery date of an appraisal. By analyzing appraisal services and established turnaround times within specific geographic regions, PD provides an unprecedented level of precision in forecasting. 

The Power of Historical Data 

At the heart of PD's accuracy lies its ability to harness historical data. This enables a more realistic prediction of when an appraisal report will reach completion, thus providing the opportunity to establish clear timelines and enhance guidance for client transactions. 

The Benefits of Predicted Delivery:

Set Clear Expectations: Understanding the timeframe for appraisal delivery is crucial. PD's foresight into delivery dates enhances the appraisal experience not just for the professionals involved, but also for the clients they serve. 

Know When to Expedite: Life doesn't always follow a schedule. The insights provided by PD into the standard turnaround times allow appraisers and real estate professionals to identify when it's necessary to fast-track an appraisal order. 

Enhance the Client Experience: Every client's needs are unique. With PD, you can access turnaround time metrics tailored to specific locations and appraisal products, offering a clear view of the expected completion time, which in turn aids in managing client expectations more effectively. 

Experience Predicted Delivery with a Personalized Demo 

Curious about how Predicted Delivery can elevate your appraisal process? Connexions invites you to experience a live demonstration of the platform. Discover firsthand how this exclusive feature can streamline your appraisal valuation processes and contribute to your success. 

About Connexions 

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