Connexions works with CAPTURE on Fannie Mae's Value Acceptance Initiative

Valuation software streamlines mortgage appraisal processes.

Jun 27, 2023

Press Release

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 27, 2023 /CNW/ - Connexions, a leading appraisal management software provider in the United States, announced its integration with CAPTURE Data Services supporting the Fannie Mae Value Acceptance + Property Data framework. Connexions leverages these integrations to enable mortgage lenders to efficiently comply with Fannie Mae's guidelines while embracing appraisal modernization by offering desktop appraisals, hybrid appraisals, and mobile data collection technology.

The Connexions platform delivers a comprehensive toolset for mortgage lenders, appraisal management companies (AMCs), and appraisers, enabling seamless integration with approved Fannie Mae Value Acceptance + Property Data service providers. As the appraisal industry evolves, Connexions' dedicated team of professionals and cutting-edge technology help businesses stay ahead of the curve and adapt to new functionality. Connexions perfectly aligns with the industry's appraisal modernization initiatives, offering comprehensive support for today's market demands.

With its intuitive, cloud-based platform, Connexions offers an all-in-one solution to improve efficiency, visibility, and agility across the appraisal management process. The platform's key features include the following:

· Automated workflows for regulatory requirements and lender rules

· Manage AMCs, appraisal companies, and QC vendors

· Submit orders seamlessly to UCDP and EAD

· Best-in-class security for compliance, permissions, access control, and always-on access

· Ensure compliance with TRID, AIR, state, and federal regulations

· Reduced end-to-end cycle times with improved quality

· Automate eFolder document routing on completion

· Custom and default reporting options

· Experienced onboarding and support staff

By leveraging these features, mortgage lenders can confidently navigate the evolving appraisal landscape and efficiently manage their entire appraisal process.

"Tom McCormick, President & CEO at Connexions, said, 'Our commitment to providing mortgage lenders with an advanced and user-friendly platform aligns perfectly with Fannie Mae's Appraisal Waiver + Property Data framework. By offering a comprehensive suite of modern appraisal solutions, Connexions enables lenders to not only comply with current industry standards but also future-proof their business against ongoing changes in the appraisal landscape.'"

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