NAS announces the new Appraiser Mentorship Program

Introducing NAS' Appraiser Mentorship Program: experienced appraisers train new candidates for lucrative compensation.

Jul 5, 2019

Press Release

MARKHAM, ON, July 5, 2019 — Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS), Canada’s largest real estate appraisal management company has long been at work expanding its appraiser initiatives. NAS is proud to introduce our groundbreaking Appraiser Mentorship Program.

The Appraiser Mentorship Program will provide lucrative compensation to experienced real estate appraisers to onboard and train candidate appraisers that are new to the industry.

"With an aging industry, we see the need to introduce new appraisers to the field and believe the best opportunity for success is to ask our extensive network of proven appraisers to proactively onboard, train, and develop new appraisers,” said Tom McCormick, President and CEO, The Nationwide Group of Companies. “Introducing new Appraisers to the market is instrumental in the success and future of the real estate appraisal industry. The Appraiser Mentorship Program is just one of the ways NAS is ensuring the future of the real estate appraisal industry."

In addition to this program, NAS continues to offer My Appraisal Portal (MAP) at no additional cost to appraisers. MAP allows an appraiser to access the data that resides within their personal NAS profile for appraisals that originate outside of the NAS platform. This management tool consolidates appraisals in one location and promotes efficiencies and cost-saving benefits within appraiser offices. NAS has also released a newly designed mobile app that makes is possible for appraisers to work while they’re on the go so they can always stay on top of their requests, whether they are on or offline.

To learn more about or register for the NAS Appraiser Mentorship Program, email NAS at