NAS Streamlines Appraisal Fee Structure for Brokers

NAS enhances Broker Portal with new appraisal fee structure to help Brokers set cost expectations.

Oct 13, 2020

Press Release

Markham, ON, October 13, 2020 — Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS), Canada’s largest SaaS platform for the appraisal industry and a leading global appraisal management company (AMC), is excited to announce that we have enhanced our Broker Portal with a new appraisal fee structure that will help Brokers better set appraisal cost expectations with their clients.

It is standard in the industry that appraisal costs increase when there are added complexities to properly valuing the property, such as when the property is waterfront, resides on acreage or is executive for the area. Additional fees from appraisers should not have to impact the end client by delaying the process or requiring another payment. Now that the NAS Broker Portal has been enhanced to support complexity questions, NAS can provide an upfront price to Brokers and their clients and avoid additional steps in the payment process.

“NAS understands that it can be frustrating for Brokers and their clients when appraisal costs change or delay the process," says Ainsley Major, VP Operations. “In response to these concerns, NAS has updated the Broker Portal to include common complexity questions, so appraisal pricing is better determined upfront. We are confident this needed change will improve the NAS appraisal experience for the Broker community."

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