Nationwide Appraisal Services now offering Commercial Bidding capabilities on Canada's industry-leading appraisal management platform

NAS Canada launches Commercial Appraisal Management capabilities.

Dec 4, 2019

Press Release

December 4, 2019 — Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS), Canada’s largest real estate appraisal management company and a leading technology provider to lenders and appraisers is excited to announce the release of our new Commercial Appraisal Management capabilities.

NAS has offered a Commercial appraisal product for many years. We’ve now enhanced the NAS platform with a robust Commercial Appraisal Management workflow that will streamline the Commercial appraisal process by automating:

  • The collection of bids from potential appraisers for commercial requests.

  • The selection of Appraisers that will be included in the bidding process using familiar NAS metrics that include performance, location, availability, etc.

  • The ability for Lenders to review all the submitted bids and turnaround times before assigning the appraisal to an Appraiser.

  • Accelerate the commercial, asset and environmental valuation process under one portfolio.

“We are excited to provide a Commercial Appraisal Management solution that makes it easy for Lenders to submit their orders, gather quotes from their panel of trusted vendors, communicate on orders, and report on appraisal stats,” says Tom McCormick, President & CEO of Nationwide Appraisal Services. “By providing this added functionality in the Nationwide Appraisal Services platform, we are letting our current and future customers know that we are listening to your requests and building in new and better workflows to make your appraisal process easier and faster.”