RELNKS Announces Partnership with Deposit RocketTM

RELNKS partners with Deposit Rocket to provide users a flexible deposit alternative with Deposit Rocket Guarantee.

Jun 14, 2021

June 14, 2021 — RELNKS, the all-in-one homebuying platform, has announced a new partnership with the innovative PropTech, Deposit RocketTM. The partnership provides RELNKS users with access to a flexible alternative for making a deposit on a home purchase using the Deposit Rocket Guarantee.

Deposit Rocket offers a quick and easy alternative to the conventional cash deposit used in residential home purchases. With the Deposit Rocket Guarantee, Canadians can make a deposit on their next home offer without having to wait for freed up funds. With the new partnership, RELNKS users will be able to unlock the equity in their existing home or liquid investments instantly, allowing for a convenient and competitive offer.

Deposit Rocket issues the homebuyer a deposit guarantee that is submitted by the real estate agent along with the offer, instead of a certified cheque. The Deposit Rocket guarantee is simply the homebuyer's 'promise to pay' the deposit guarantee amount at closing. Deposit Rocket Guarantees are backed by an 'A-rated' insurer, making it as secure for the seller as receiving a certified cheque.

“Our partnership with innovative service providers such as Deposit Rocket is part of our ongoing commitment to offering RELNKS users a wide variety of forward-thinking services and products to help them in their homebuying process,” says Tom McCormick, President and CEO of RELNKS and The Nationwide Group. “With Deposit Rocket, we continue to take steps forward as the easier, more flexible approach to buying a home."

About Deposit Rocket

Deposit Rocket is a talented and driven InsurTech company obsessed with making the purchase of residential homes quicker and easier. Deposit Rocket is a licensed insurance brokerage doing business across Canada, underwritten by the Northbridge General Insurance Corporation. Already a success in Australia, Deposit RocketTM has been reviewed by Federal, Provincial associations and by one of Canada’s leading law firms for compliance in Canada. For more information, please visit


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