RELNKS Expands Its Services to the Greater Vancouver Area

RELNKS expands into Greater Vancouver Area, offering free accounts to homebuyers & professionals.

Sep 21, 2020

September 21, 2020 — The innovative real estate platform, RELNKS, is excited to announce its official expansion into the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA). Homebuyers, real estate professionals and home service providers in the region can now create their free account and join the growing ecosystem built to make homeownership a simpler process.

After a successful pilot launch in Ontario, RELNKS will be providing homebuyers in the GVA with quick and easy access to the services they need at every step of the homebuying process, all in one place. Residents will find all the same reliable functionality, guides and tips that Ontario users have access to, with geographically relevant links to trusted real estate professionals and service providers in their area. The platform provides a new avenue for GVA real estate professionals to connect with their clients and help guide their process with transparency and efficiency.

“We are thrilled to be bringing our services and network to the Greater Vancouver Area, helping to make homebuying simpler for homebuyers and professionals on the west coast,” said Tom McCormick, President and CEO of RELNKS and The Nationwide Group. “As one of the great, iconic cities in Canada, Vancouver is a perfect fit for our first area of expansion as a brand. We believe we can make a great impact for local professionals and homebuyers just as we are doing in Ontario, and we will continue to demonstrate that homebuying can be less stressful for everyone involved."

RELNKS is now fully available to the public in the Greater Vancouver Area.