Integration with ProxyPics to Encompass

Connexions & ProxyPics: Encompass integration, automation, analytics & valuation.

Feb 2, 2022

Press Release

FEBRUARY 2, 2022 — Connexions, the all-in-one appraisal management software platform that provides high-quality automation, reporting, data analytics and integration to real estate valuations, is excited to announce its latest software integration with ProxyPics for Encompass users. ProxyPics is a provider of residential and commercial property inspection services that can be used in lieu of a full-service appraisal.

With ProxyPics, instead of needing to engage an appraiser through an AMC, lenders on Connexions can select the option to use ProxyPics directly from Encompass. Once completed, ProxyPics uploads the photos and report directly into Encompass. No need to navigate between screens or copy and paste information.

“Our team is particularly excited about this new integration as it brings immense value to both lenders and appraisers,” says Tom McCormick, President & CEO of Connexions. “Whether for a brand-new construction or a property undergoing extensive renovations, ProxyPics 1004D functionality means our clients experience a seamless appraisal process that saves time and effort.”

“Connexions constantly strives to find new and innovative ways to continually improve the user experience while streamlining and simplifying the appraisal process for our clients,” says Tom McCormick, President & CEO of Connexions, “The ProxyPics integration with Connexions is just another example of how we’re working with innovative vendors to provide the best possible user experience for our lender clients.”

To learn more about how Connexions’ integration with ProxyPics can automate and accelerate the appraisal process, request a demo today!

About Connexions

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About ProxyPics

ProxyPics is designed to make region specific photos and data available on demand. The user-friendly platform leverages the gig economy by utilizing a crowdsource model to recruit photo takers, or Proxies, across the nation to complete assignments with their mobile device, day or night.

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