The NAS Mobile App continues to revolutionize the mortgage industry

NAS: Canada's largest real estate appraisal co. expands tech suite, including industry-leading mobile experience.

Mar 7, 2019


MARKHAM, ON, March 7, 2019 — Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS), Canada’s largest real estate appraisal management company and a leading technology provider to lenders and appraisers, has long been at work expanding its technology suite. As part of the development of its industry-leading platforms, the company has also led the way building the most advanced mobile experience.

As an advocate for increasing the use of technology in the real estate valuation space, the NAS Mobile App is helping to increase the quality and accuracy of the overall experience for appraisers and lenders alike.

"As the use of technology increases, new standards are constantly being set, so staying on top of those advancements in our industry is paramount," said Tom McCormick, President and CEO, The Nationwide Group of Companies. "The NAS Mobile App, designed to complement the industry-leading cloud-based platform, was engineered to bring simplicity and measurable reductions to the overall process. We want to help our clients decrease turnaround times, increase the quality of reports, and provide the ability for better collaboration and communication between stakeholders. Users want to achieve greater efficiencies and provide their clients with accurate valuations, so mobile connectivity is not only the reality, it’s a necessity."

Mr. McCormick continues: "Our focus and investments in mobile app development over the years is driven by our years of experience and innovations. We understand the great potential for real estate technology, so we’re designing tools that will better serve the new generation of savvy appraisal professionals."

Loaded with features and supported by exceptional technical support and customer service, the NAS Mobile App has become a necessity for the modern, increasingly mobile generation of appraisal professional.

There are numerous features and benefits essential for all stakeholders:

  • Easy-to-navigate dashboard and integrated search tools.

  • Work better with Google Maps and calendar integrations.

  • Dynamic workflow capabilities.

  • Receive push alerts and communicate with others.

  • View all appraisal requests, reports, and documents.

  • Track all orders quickly and easily.

  • Set language preference, English or French.

Free to download, there is a slew of other essential tools and benefits that will allow lenders and appraisers to work better together and more efficiently.

Download the mobile app today.

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