TNG Explains: Low-cost Ways to Add Value When Selling Your Home

You don’t need to spend big money to increase the value of your home.

Feb 14, 2024


You don’t need to spend big money to increase the value of your home. You can avoid major and costly renovations that may not give you the return on your investment. Below are simple updates you can make that won’t break the bank. 


Paint, paint, paint.  

A fresh coat of paint will give your house a new, modern look. Try to stick to neutral colours that are universally appealing to all potential buyers. If an entire repaint is not in the budget, stick to the main rooms such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. 


Bathroom Refresh. 

An updated bathroom is always a smart move and a great place to spend your budget. Consider low-cost updates such as stick-on tiles, updated lighting, and modern mirrors. Changing out toilets will give your bathroom that newly refreshed feel.  


Increase your space visually. 

Visual space and how roomy your house feels counts to potential buyers. Clearing out extra furniture, and all the extras you have in a room can increase the floor plan can be quite impactful. Removing any heavy closed drapes and swoping them out for vertical blinds or shutters will let the natural light in to make your space feel more open. Adding a large mirror will visually increase the space of a room. Think of adding attractive storage to reduce any clutter out of plain sight.  


Low-Maintenance Landscape. 

Increase your curb appeal. The exterior of your house is the first thing prospective buyers will see, so be sure to make a good first impression. Keeping your property neat and tidy will make a huge difference. To save on costs, plan early and buy perennial plants on sale which will return every year for a beautiful low-maintenance green space.  


Clear the clutter. 

Remove as many family photos and personal items as possible. A clean, non-personalized, decluttered room will appear larger, more appealing, and can help the buyers imagine themselves living there.  


Deep clean. 

Last but certainly not least, a deep clean should be on any seller’s to-do list and is something we highly recommend investing in. A visibly lived-in house can reduce value. When a buyer comes into your home, ensure they don’t see wall marks, a dirty fridge and cabinets, bathroom grime, and more. A clean canvas will only help potential buyers envision themselves living in their new home.  

This article is for informational purposes only and is not financial or legal advice nor a substitute for legal counsel.